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Christian Dior Diorissimo EDT

Christian Dior Diorissimo EDT

Christian Dior Diorissimo EDT

Our Price $112
Retail Price $135
You Save 17%

This romantic floral bouquet blossoms with the freshness and transparency of lily-of-the-valley,Christian Dior’s lucky flower and the emblem of Dior Couture…

Created by the designer and legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in 1955, this landmark ‘single flower’ fragrance is as bright as a spring morning. A fragrance of happiness.

Top Note
Ylang-ylang from the Comoro islands: Cultivated in the Comoro archipelago, ylang-ylang flowers are distilled fresh in water vapour to produce an essence which is frequently used in perfumery. Ylang-ylang harmonizes with a wide spectrum of floral notes, lending fullness, elegance and originality to the composition. Its bouquet of emotions is revealed in the top notes of Diorissimo, J’adore extract and J’adore eau de toilette.

Heart Note
LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY: The floral emblem of the House of Dior, lily-of-the-valley is often associated with happiness. Despite its strong fragrance, its scent cannot be extracted, which is why the lily-of-the-valley used in perfumery is a harmony of green, floral, jasmine and ylang accents. This sweet, fleeting harmony forms the heart note of Diorissimo.

Base Note
JASMINE: A symbol of feminine softness, jasmine is one of the most commonly used flowers in perfumery. Wonderfully delicate, it is an entire fragrance in itself. Jasmine is one of the heart notes of Miss Dior, the timeless dry-down of Diorissimo and the refreshing top note of Miss Dior Chérie eau de parfum.


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