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Burberry Sport For Men EDT

Burberry Sport For Men EDT

Burberry Sport For Men EDT

50ml 75ml
Our Price $70 $86
Retail Price $104 $132
You Save 33% 35%

Energy, dynamism, liveliness…

Who doesn’t want these elements in their life and is it any wonder that sports fashions are so popular even with non athletic types? It’s just downright attractive. So are sports fragrances, when done right. Burberry Sport for men sets it right with a subtle ginger swoosh which provides the interesting counterpoint to the aquatic opening and the clean, groomed cedar and “clean” musk base. Modern businessmen, sportsmen and generally those on the go will appreciate its discreet charm. The sports theme is optically translated in a stunning white-rubber-encased vividly red bottle and an energetic advertising campaign. This is one Sport you don’t need to shed one drop of sweat for!

Created: 2010
Type: Citrus – Aromatic

Top Note: Frosted Ginger, Grapefruit, Wheatgrass
Middle Note: Marine Notes, Red Ginger, Juniper Berry
Base Note: White Musks, Woods, Cedar, Dry Amber


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