Perfume Lover

How to Order

1. You may browse our online store by product categories, brands or according to your budget.
2. To place an order, click on the “Leave a Comment” hyperlink on the top right hand corner of the post.
3. Fill up the form in the same format as the example screenshot below. (Your order and contact details will not be visible to other users.)

Post Comments to Order

Example Screenshot

If you have multiple orders for different perfume, you may combine your orders in a single post with the following format.

Brand: Calvin Klein
Product Name: CK One EDT
Size: 100ml
No. of pc(s): 1pc

Brand: Ralph Lauren
Product Name: Romance EDT
Size: 50ml
No. of pc(s): 1pc

Name: Sharon Tan
Address: Blk 123 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-01 Singapore 123456
E-mail Address:
Contact number: 91234567
Delivery method: Normal/ Registered

After you click the “Post” button, you will see the following message.

Order Received Confirmation

Order Received

4. Upon receiving your order, we will send a verification e-mail with your order details within 2 working days. Impt: Please acknowledge by sending a reply e-mail to confirm your order. We will only process your order upon receiving your reply e-mail.

5. You will further receive a 2nd e-mail with payment details. You can now proceed to make payment through Internet Banking fund transfer, PayPal, Credit Card or Western Union.

6. Upon receiving your payment, we will send out your items ASAP. You can expect to receive your items within 2 working days.

For bulk orders, special orders or inquiries on other products not listed here, please send us an email at this address:


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